This is (not) American Idol

Luckily, my teen mission does not the elements of a reality TV show. As much as a l love shows like Xfactor, American Idol, and The Voice, I am thankful my teen mission does not have a judging panel, best performer or elimination rounds.

After hosting a teen event last Saturday, I was able to learn many unique attributes about all the teens and leaders present. We were able to be ourselves instead of trying to perform. There is no stage to stand on, and no spotlight to fill.

I am happy I am able to build a connection point for the teens in Philadelphia. It is a privilege, and it is Gods’ work. I am just the worker. God is directing my steps, and He actually went before me. I am aiming to trust in Him completely, and believe these words as TRUTH.

Continue to pray for our mission to meet teens, and share Jesus with them. Prayers that their hearts will open to Jesus’ love and that we will raise money for our programing we would appreciate! Prayers will greatly change our work.


Rosalind Pichardo – Her Story

Some days I need inspiration.

Some days, working with teens in a city where there is hopelessness, violence, drugs, and every other distraction from connecting to Jesus, attracting us to follow, like or become addicted, pull us away from our mission to SERVE JESUS.

Thanks to Facebook, I found this video and watched this woman share her story.

She, like many of us have gone through much, yet in this, she has convicted me to remember the REASON for living.

Repair your thoughts of despair to thoughts of a sense of belonging, and purpose.

Walking Shoes

As I reflect about the mission before me, I have to think about being equipped.

Before you do anything, you have to be prepared, taught or have the right tools to begin the task at hand.

In my case, there are many tools I use, and many tools that need to be constantly sharpened. When people ask how my new endeavor is going, I have recently responded to that question with a few different words. Good. Hard. Inconsistent, yet relationships are forming… or, sweet, I cannot believe my job is to build relationships with teenagers. Lately, I have come to acknowledge that I have a unique gifting God gave me, to be able to work with teens, befriend them, find patience to text everyone of them, and ultimately share Jesus with them.

That alone, knowing and believing in the unique gifting is a great feeling. I have searched hi and low at times to know what I should do with my gifts.

And in this journey, finding a groove will take an immense amount of trial and error. This is not the most ideal in my way of processing, because I like structure, I like consistency, and a routine. Much of my days, change which is really cool, but when there is no routine in any of it, that become a challenge. At this point, at least I can understand that with those challenges, I will figure out what works. I will solve some mysteries, and things will pan out, eventually.

For now, I will just let this song resonate with my mood, with my current state, and remember that I need patience, tools, prayer, Jesus and walking shoes.

The Savior is bigger than the Storm

I was able to watch a video of a sermon – that cleared up some things I needed resolution for, and it is too good to share. This pastor, preaches in Miami, and excitedly preaches about many topics. This time around he preached about Having Faith in The Middle. The Middle sort of meant having faith for when you are in the middle of a storm in life, and having faith to LET Christ lead you through instead of trying to lead yourself through, or allowing your money, power, fame or friends lead you through.

He spoke on Mark 4:35 when the disciples PANIC when the storm become unreal, and scary like they have never experienced before, that they search for Jesus. Jesus is sleeping, and they are exclaiming for Him to wake up and do something.

The sermon, is full of great example, lively preaching, and participation. Church is not a building, nor is it a place. It is when the body is together professing Jesus.

Watch the sermon, talk to Jesus. Learn who needs to be in your boat. Anyone working on their faith will grow watching/interacting with this.

As for me, it spoke directly to me. I am not in control. God/Jesus/Holy Spirit are. Standing on my soapbox hoping for change, or thinking I can control the outcome, is not for me. Surrender is for me, and Faith is for me, so I can lead others to Jesus.

Pray for me, and my teen ministry to be able to talk about things of this nature. To know the relationship Jesus wants with each of them. Pray teens feel the love of Christ.

Philadelphia Teens

I work with Teens in Philadelphia, building relationships, and sharing Jesus with our teens. I am in month 4, and I feel good about a lot of it.

I have written this update…

      Happy New Year – 2015

A place to read about goal failing and failures turning to successes!!

As Teen Leader, I am learning a whole lot. I am learning about the power of my voice, having authority, setting goals, and even failure. I am finally becoming okay with believing failure welcomes success!
Through listening, praying and connecting to other people, CircleThrift has become home to teen volunteers, and a “get to know you space” among the action. From there, I have now connected with 4 students consistently, and 7 overall.
From the teens who have connected to Circle of Hope in one way or another, I have met 12 teens! January 9th, we launched our large group hangout, called CLUB, with a cookie party. The goal was 10 teens, we got 7, with most coming from COH, and yojo! No one left until adult leaders took them home, an hour after the official ending! (That is a good problem to have!)
February 21st, we are planning and praying to meet double the number of teens from the cookie party. Pray with us, as we hope for 14+ teens to show up, have fun, while playing crazy games, creating a community for and by them, and having the privilege of hearing about Jesus.
Pray for my teens, and their families. Many have financial issues, health concerns and many of my students will be off to college this summer. Pray for their hearts. Pray our teens will invite friends!!
Do you see promise in this mission, and can offer financial support? Monthly gift can aid in my salary, or you can a one time gift to help in events, or as you see fit. (Leave a note on the giving page if you have a specific hope for the gift)
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Thank you for reading, providing feedback, offering love, prayers and financial sharing in the work.
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Watch, and Lets Learn

Cultural norms, have grown into police killing people.

Not knowing the truth, and police having no accountability, creates an immense amount of power for the police, for the authority, that pulls us from them.

This video shows the response of a cousin, Jose, calling out for JUSTICE for his cousin, #JessieHernandez, shot and killed by officers. That is Fact.

Please no matter what your stance is, watch the video. Listen to Jose speak.

It is powerful. He has determination, passion, and anger. Without thinking about the order of events, just sit in the Hernandez family’s situation.

In my unique line of work, I am honored, I get to meet teens, and I get to develop relationships with them. I too, get to tell them about me, and my life, my passions, and what makes me tick. We build a relationship. We are building something transparent, well as least, that is the hope.

Jesus, and His love offered and still does offer transparency. I suppose, this is the only way to find true transparency, is through the love of Christ. You surely will not find it in our politics, nor in our school system. You will not find it in the policing of crimes, in poor inner cities or quiet drug suburban communities. All of this is really irritating and unjust. I am tired of it. I fight because, I love all. I fight because most of my teens, are brown and black. I fight because I experience unjust policing in Philadelphia, and in Camden, NJ. I have see police brutality with my own eyes, and it was engraved in my mind, and it was horrific.


I fight because, I know Jesus, and Jesus Loves all. I know Jesus would/is not proud of the way all this unrest, nonsense and hate is happening – so I obey, I want to love, and I want to take REAL action.

I fight because I am biracial, and in this world, that means I am black. Do I face the threat of being shot? In my sleep, in a store, on the street, choked to death for standing outside… all ways men and women have been shot in recent months??

I fight because I care about people. I care about the voiceless, the powerless, the vulnerable.

I fight because I have seen police brutality, and ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

I fight nonviolently, because that is the only way to love.